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Life Science consulting company working with startups to create revenue through sales, marketing, and business development.  



Sales Accelerator
EACBIO specializes in finding the right markets and telling your unique 'tech-story'which then builds a robust prospecting pipeline and closes sales.  With over twenty years of research and business experience in the life sciences, I have a more defined process and system that enables startups to be nimble and responsive in a dynamic marketplace.

Work History
My research and business experience spans a broad range of technologies and workplaces -
  • microbiologist at Beth Israel Hospital
  • perfusion technologist at MD Anderson Hospital
  • five years, molecular biology and agrigenomics at Monsanto 
  • five years,  sequencing, project management, and bioinformatics analysis at Washington University for the (NIH) Human Genome Project
  • three years, drug discovery using a proprietary RNAi assay platform at PPD Inc for cancer and immunology disease targets
  • three years, account management at Thermo Fisher Scientific selling kits, reagents, consumables, HCS instruments and contract services (Pierce, Dharmacon, Cellomics, Hyclone, and Abgene)
  • three years. regional and national sales management at The Baker Company selling biocontainment equipment for animal studies, pharmacology, and cell biology; and conditioned in vivo chambers (Baker Ruskinn) for gene and stem cell therapeutics, and regenerative medicine studies.
  • two years, independent consultant to biotech startups, each with unique technologies including biotech toolkits, instrumentation and contract services.

Business Acumen
At first working with large corporations, I then gravitated to smaller private companies.  I began to wear 'many hats'  doing the marketing, sales, and business development, and seeing the direct results of my contributions. My expertise became selling in niche markets and creating processes for this more granular prospecting.  I employed creative strategies such as contracting pilot studies in exchange for marketing collateral, forming strategic partnerships around product co-development, and dramatically increasing the pipeline and closing more sales.  

Why Startups?
Inspired by networking with economic development programs for pitch events (eLabNYC, Health 2.0, Alexandria Center), industry trade shows (SLAS, AACR, World Stem Cell), and entrepreneur meetup groups (CURE, Stamford Innovation Center), I decided to start an independent consulting business. I bring biotech startups revenue through sales and strategic partnerships. My goal has been to keep companies and scientists focused on developing unique technologies, by letting me focus on business development and sales acceleration. 

Contact Info:

Betty Cosgrove

EAC BioConsult LLC
Sales Accelerator
c:   203-435-1598
w:  [email protected]

url:   www.eacbio.com

Accelerating sales for your biotech startup.



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